God it’s May already! And Beekeeper is still not finished. Brett is still implementing a new type of defence unit we came up with last week. We now have bees that flap their wings and blow enemy units back. He’s pretty much got that done and it’s looking really good.

I’m trying to do some really basic music, but it is hard to decide what is OK and what is just utter shite. I’m using Garage Band on my iPad and while it is incredible for what it is, it’s still pretty rinky dink and crashes a lot.

But so many games have very basic music. We are never going to have something really good without paying someone to spend ages on it. Hopefully the player will just turn it off and listen to their own music. We have quite a lot of in game sounds anyway. I think music should be a low priority. Even though I’m aware that it is an important element of creating an addictive experience.

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