Getting serious.

We are getting super serious now. We have both stopped working for other people and are throwing ourselves full tilt into a proper game.

It’s going to be called Beekeeper. A tower defence game where you have to protect the queen by placing bees in a honeycomb landscape and enemies will attack from the left.

You will use pollen like gold in other resource management games.

Brett will do all the coding and Helen will do all the art direction and graphics.

Fun fun fun.

Sea Squirt is a real live game!

Well it took a lot longer than I anticipated, but I finally uploaded Sea Squirt to the App store yesterday.

In my defence I took some time out to earn some money doing some animation for a film. And instead of a simple little game I made 5 different levels with menus and high score stars and loads of complicated stuff for a noob coder like me.  Brett (guru) only gave me a mere smear of help. I learned so much and I’m so proud and excited that my first game is a reality.

Making the sound FX was fun. I got a straw and a glass of water and blew bubbles to make the sound of the enemy being hit and dissolving. I think it sounds great. Bbblooop!

You can buy SeaSquirt if you like! Oh go on…